184 Awesome Log Cabin and Farm Home Ideas

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Building and planning a modern farm houses isn't simply about finding a floor plan. There is so much more that takes a structure and turns it into a home. It requires thinking about how you use your space and what activities take place there. One must consider how to efficiently utilize that area in a way that is functional, comfortable and visually pleasing. Many soon to be home homeowners have been planning and dreaming of their special place for months and even years. They gather ideas from friends, family, strangers and even their own imagination. 'Pinterest' is a great place to help you on your journey. You will find all kinds of fabulous and fantastic ideas for floor plans, interior and exterior finishes, decor, design and furnishings for modern farm houses. Peruse kitchens to see fantastic cabinets, counters and designs. Look for cool and unique doors, stairs, shelving and storage. You will find millions of Pins to help take your ideas and dreams and turn them into a reality.

Do you have ideas you want to share? Joining 'Pinterest' is quick, simple and easy. Post photos of kitchens you love, porches that stir your heart and houses that spur your imagination. A modern farm house like the log house pictured here, with it's wrap around covered porch is both classic in design and rustic in finish. A perfect combination for it's beautiful forest setting. Hanging baskets of ferns sway in the breeze. A pair of rocking chairs sit side by side awaiting a quiet evening of conversation and friendship. The wrap around porch is the perfect place to watch each day begin and end, or enjoy a gentle rainstorm without getting wet, take in a meteor shower or simply rest beneath it's cover protected from the sun. On a cool, damp evening you can curl up beneath your favorite quilt and watch the flames dance, spark and flicker in the lovely stone fireplace. For more ideas for modern farm houses, head on over to 'Pinterest' or follow the link below.

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