9 Summer Cottages We Long to Escape to

Summer is just a few weeks away. If you still donít have a plan on where to spend the summer season, spare a few minutes reading this article because this might just be the help you need! Staying in a hotel is good but letís just admit. They can be a bit expensive at times and clichť. Why donít you stay at something new but would still make you feel like youíre in your home sweet home? A summer cottage best suits that description. A staycation at a summer cottage would add more fun to your summer escapade! Here, let me take you to two of those nine best summer cottages.

What about a stay in a cob during summertime? If youíd like, the cabin in Maine Island, British Columbia in Canada is just the cob thing! This cozy cob can accommodate two people. The cabin has a bedroom with a real bed. It also has a bathroom complete with all the essentials and a kitchen with utensils for guests to cook their own meals. If you canít get away with social media and connecting with family and friends back home, the cob can provide wireless internet just for you. Per night has a rate of $115.

If you'd like a summer vacation in Ireland, consider staying at the Enchanting Mill Cottage in Kilkenny. The house for rent has a cozy ambiance that can accommodate up to four guests. It has two bedrooms and three beds, a kitchen, and free parking space on premises. Still watch your favorite television shows in this house and stay connected to the world through the wireless internet. The indoor fireplace will help you stay warm during the cold summer nights. Each night costs 107 dollars.

These are only a few of the coolest summer cottages to spend this summer. To view more cottages, click on House Beautiful website link below.

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