Adorable Camper Log Cabin from $6,091

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When the guys want to get-a-way from the everyday, the first thing they do is load up the truck with fishing supplies, food and some beer, and head off to the lakeside cabin. My husband's best friend has a camper log cabin up by the lake, so it is easy for him to get away whenever he asks his friend. I went one time, and a cabin full of men who spend their days gutting fish, isn't my idea of a calm and soothing vacation so I was deterred (by fish smells) from going. Nonetheless, there was nothing I liked more than walks by the lake, or a quick swim and a large roaring campfire at night on the beach. After a few years of using my husbands friends cabin, I started to implore about us getting our own. At first my husband was reluctant, and would always find an excuse like it was too costly, or not practical with our budget, until a plot of land became available very close to his friends cabin. Once my husband found that out, he was researching building houses on the internet every night for months! We put in an offer (waterfront plots are expensive actually) and we were able to buy our land (barely). As the plot was more expensive than we had wanted, we realized that it would be years before we could build a dream home on it. My husband's friend came over to get gear to go up to his cabin and saw all the print offs and articles we had collected about building our dream home. He was shocked that we had not considered a log home kit as that is what his cabin was. We looked into it and were amazed at the affordability, and short time frame it took to have your own log home!

We were charged with a new life because of this information. After many calls to log home builders, we found one relatively close that had a lot of good reviews. Sure enough, a few weeks later we are almost finished our own home! I will say that there are endless ways to custom build a home and the choices were a little daunting at first, but then through processes of elimination and information, it quickly became a fun task versus a chore. I am so excited to have an adorable camper log cabin of our very own (with no fish smells) and it will be a retreat for my family for years to come. If you want your dreams to become a reality, feel free to check out the link below to get them started!

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