Barn Homes... Rustic Beauty, Practicle and Even Affordable

This Newnan Barn Home is just one of the beautiful log home barns that you will find on the Precise Buildings Site. The black trimmed, two-toned wooden finish on the exterior of this beautiful barn build, offers a unique look to a stunning log barn. The stonework and lean-to side also add to the appeal of this quality, long lasting construction. You will find a variety of beautiful barns and log barns to choose on this site. One of the small barns featured is located in Jarrettsville, Maryland and it uses traditional board and batten siding. There are powder-coated door frames that have wood inserts that give a nice traditional look and long lasting performance. On the interior of the log barn, there is a partial loft in the center aisle. On the site, you will find many log barn options and construction details. A metal roof on a log cabin or log barn can offer years of maintenance and good looks. On this particular log barn, you will notice the lovely detail in the gable overhang pictures with custom louvers and wood framed windows. Whatever the size of a barn, you can choose options that will make it your own.

Precise Buildings, LLC. are a reputable full-service custom builder. They specialize in pole buildings, log barns, equestrian facilities, run in sheds, riding arenas, garages, and custom structures. The log barn company is rooted in the Amish community, who have a long history of log home and barn building. Some things you might find interesting about the Amish is their roots are in the Anabaptist Movement. So when they came to the United States, they were in search of a new place where they could freely practice their Christian beliefs. The Amish lead a faith-based life that is very family centered. They live a humble life, so they dress plain and are self-reliant in every way. The Amish live in homes that are not powered by electricity; they do not allow cars or any phones. These are many of the same rules that were in place in Amish communities over one hundred years ago. They still dress pretty much the same today they did back then. The modern day Amish family works hard so that they can maintain this simple life. Amish people are very hard working, productive and happy type of community who are enjoy what they do and the life they lead. You will find carpentry and farming, along with other skilled trades that have been passed down from one generation to generation. They still keep many of the old world of quality in the work that they do.

Typically barns are agricultural buildings that are mainly located on farms. Barns can be used for many purposes, most often for storage of crops, and housing livestock. Barns can also be used for equipment storage, threshing and can offer a covered workplace. You can also have tobacco barns or dairy barns. Did you know that a barn that keep cattle is called a Byre? In the United States, you would find barns typically built with the wood hewn from trees that were on the farm. The style of the log barns were built as log crib barns or timber frame structures; you would also occasionally find stone barns in locations where stone was the cheaper material for building. Today, you will see older barns that are still standing, a testament the history of the area. You will also find many people building, or using remodeled barns for homes they live in full time.

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