Check Out These Small Farmhouse Plans for Cozy Living

Living in a small home design has several benefits. For starters, the cost of purchasing the home is usually less, plus your monthly utility bill is a lot smaller. And living in a smaller floor plan has the benefits of encouraging closer family relationships. And, when your home design is small, you are forced to live more simply. You won't be tempted to fill your home with so much stuff and clutter. These six farmhouse floor plans feature homes that are under 1,500 square feet. The home designs come with all the small house living perks, along with being cozy and the inviting style of farmhouse architectural design. You will want to take a look for yourself at these charming farmhouse home designs on the site. The following are just some of the details you will find in the homes.

1. The Deer Run Farmhouse home design is by Southern Living House Plans. This beautiful farmhouse home design is under 1,000 square feet but its packed with livable design. Inside, you will find an open living room with a fireplace, windows along three of the walls, and a set of French doors that open to a screened-in porch at the back. The dining room in this home design is open to the efficient U-shaped kitchen. And there is one bedroom located at the back of the home design on the main floor, and one bedroom located upstairs.

2. The Carriage Farmhouse home design is by Architectural Designs. This unique farmhouse floor plan features a porch and a two-car garage on the main level, and 792 square feet of living space upstairs. This home design features an eat-in kitchen area, a bathroom, a spacious family room, and a bedroom. There are plenty of closets, along with an over-sized pantry.

3. The Appealing Farmhouse floor plan by Architectural Designs. This farmhouse home design is great for a growing family. The partial wraparound porch offers plenty of space for outdoor entertaining. And once inside you'll find a dining-living room combination that is warmed by a fireplace. A U-shaped kitchen has an angled breakfast bar. The master suite is on the main floor, with two family bedrooms upstairs.

4. The Bluffton Farmhouse floor plan is by Southern Living House Plans. This farmhouse floor plan is about 1,400 square feet but also has a deep wraparound porch for additional outdoor living space. The bedrooms are stacked along one side of the house, while the master bedroom is located at the back of the house, and has access to the porch. Near the center of the home design, the kitchen connects the dining and family rooms.

Country farmhouse floor plans are as varied as the regional farms they are inspired by. Born on hundred-acre spreads across rural America, farmhouse floor plans are family friendly and fit right in with suburban lifestyles. Resembling the romantic antebellum Greek Revival, the Gothic Revival, and the Italianate styles regarding form if not in detail, these practical home designs tend to be more functional than fancy with boxy shapes, full-width porches, gable roofs, and clapboard siding. These home designs were built to be gathering places for both family and friends alike, two-story Farmhouse floor plans often feature a spacious country kitchen with a cozy fireplace and plenty of room for a big rustic wooden table. Their wood-frame construction and decorative details exude a warm, homey feel. These small farmhouse floor plans can be found on the Country Home Tours site. On the site, you will find all sorts of country home designs, architectural designs, farmhouse floor plans and so much more. **

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