Check Out This Stunning Little Log House

There are a number of housing options that are perfect for both eco-conscious consumers and prudent individuals who are committed to saving money. Many property shoppers are opting to invest in tiny house designs given the lower than average cost of these diminutive buildings. Others are opting to invest in wood cabins. A log house is self-insulating, easy to maintain, and virtually guaranteed to last. To get the best of both worlds, however, it's also possible to invest in small log cabins. These are basically tiny houses that have been built from all wood. Small log cabins are ideal for those who want lower energy bills, an easier way to naturally maintain ambient temperatures indoors, higher indoor air qualities, and rustic, traditional dwellings that will maintain their appeal throughout the years. Of all the small log cabins out there, however, the Little Log House Company's Stunning Gate Lodge is certainly among the most impressive. This log house has just 296 square feet of living space, but it looks far more spacious than its true size. With two upstairs bedrooms and a large kitchen, dining and living area, this log cabin is perfect for a couple or a small family. This log house boasts a nice-sized, second-floor balcony that's perfect for taking in the night sky.

When you tour this log house, you'll also find a comfortable reading nook, a fully functional and fully equipped bathroom, a covered porch, and more. This is a tongue and groove log house design with logs that offer such a tight fit there's absolutely no need for chinking throughout the install process. For residents, this can mean having significantly lower energy bills. A log house that's this well-made is capable of maintaining ambient indoor temperatures throughout the hottest months of the year, and without the need for any air conditioning at all. Rather than commissioning a new log house and working with builders who will customize your plans from the ground up, you may want to consider investing in small log home kits instead. These are all-inclusive packages that contain the plans, the raw materials, instructions, and other elements of these products so that homeowners can have them built right on the lot. The small log home kits being offered by the Little Log House Company include timber and post beam fireplaces, pine stairs that are entirely handmade, and metal work that's been hand forged. There are also multiple designs to choose from. Those who invest in these small log home kits will also get Irish antique timber floors with wide boards.

Choosing to invest in small log home kits is one of the best ways for log house buyers to limit their spending. Small log home kits also make it easy to find the perfect log house designs for individuals needs. That's because the companies that design and manufacture log house plans are committed to offering their customers a diverse range of affordable housing options. One thing to note when debating whether or not to move into a log house is that living in small log cabins is a great way to avoid the air quality problems like off-gassing that frequently occur in other forms of modern construction. Given that small log cabins are made entirely from natural wood, they do not emit noxious fumes. People living in small log cabins therefore have access to a significantly higher quality of indoor air at all times. This is additionally bolstered by the fact that small log cabins do not have to be kept cool with closed air systems. Without air conditioning units, there is never the fear of having the same airborne particulates, allergens and germs get circulated throughout the living space.

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