Children Now Face Fines and Arrest If They Dont Get a Permit to Mow Grass for Money

Cutting neighbourhood lawns has always been a great way for teens to earn some extra spending money. You maybe even did it as a teen, or if you're a teenager now, maybe you're interested in getting some extra money for the summer time. Any extra money made can go to savings for school, a car or a trip, and it's a great way for kids to learn the responsibility of making and handling their own money. But recently, Gardendale, Alabama has been in trending news because the local government wants to regulate the lawn cutting and pass a new bylaw that requires a business license to mow lawns for cash. Local officials have told kids to get a city business license that costs $110 US and that without one, they would be violating the law. The cost of the business license alone would use up a lot of their earnings, and it would also only be used for the short summer holiday period which may not make it worth it for them.

Some people in the community argue that going after these teens is counterproductive and that it's crushing their will to work. At least these kids are out there doing something, rather than sitting at home playing video games. Their efforts should be rewarded, not stifled. The Mayor of the city, Stan Hogeland stated that a business license is in fact required when operating a business. He also said that's it's not a top priority for law enforcement to come after these teens who are just trying to make a little extra cash. He also said that hes trying to find a way to resolve this, but the government wants a cut of the kid's earnings. There may be a possibility of creating a temporary business license for these teens who just want to work cutting lawns for a few months. That way the business license wouldn't be so expensive, and it wouldn't be for the whole year which is a waste of the kids' money.

Shouldn't the adults in the community be encouraging the kids to take on these summer jobs instead of seeing them as competition? The regulations are somewhat unnecessary because the kids aren't putting anyone in danger, they're in fact doing a community service. It may be a question of taking away business from a local landscaping company, but they should also have plenty of other business to keep them busy so a few lawns going to kids shouldn't matter too much. Aren't there more crucial things that law enforcement and government officials should be concerned with like drugs and acts of violence? The costs of not having a business license would be the business operator would have to close down their business, they may have to pay a fine which could be up to $500 US or more. They could also be arrested too which would then mean they would have a criminal record. That's a pretty harsh penalty for a kid who's charging a mere $20 per lawn and probably only mowing them once a week or once every couple of weeks. That would mean this record would follow them into college and even trying to start up a business of their own down the road, or for potential employers. What do you think about the new trends in law enforcement? Do you think they should lighten up on the kids? For more trending news and to learn more about the issue, check out the Alternative Media Syndicate where you'll find all of the latest alternative news and media. Enjoy reading the full article on their website.***