Creamy Jalepeno Dip

Stop what you’re doing and go make this creamy jalapeno dip. Don’t hesitate or ask questions. If you’re at work, tell your boss you need a couple hours off to make dip. If they say no, quit. If you’re helping an old lady across the street, leave her. She’ll eventually need to learn to fend for herself if she’s going to make it in the wild anyway.

There’s really no excuses for not making an enormous batch of this dip and eating it all by yourself immediately. Live with roommates or family? Take it into a secret room with a box of crackers and lock the door. You’re welcome. Don’t have the ingredients? Go get them, it’s easy. All you need is cream cheese, mayonnaise, parmesan, bread crumbs, jalapeños and a few other things, plus about twenty five free minutes. After that, you’re in business. And business is good. Business is cheesy. Business is jalapeñosey.

For an extra shot in the arm of flavor, try using the juices from the canned peppers rather than draining them. You’ll still have to dice them up, so make sure you wash your hands vigorously before touching your eyes. Before you take it out of the oven, flip on the light and make sure the edges of the are bubbling and the top is a golden brown color. I know it’s going to be difficult not to dig right in, but let the dip cool for a short time to ensure the only burn you get is from the spicy jalapeños.

The dip is amazingly easy to make: you just put everything into a bowl and then put that bowl in the oven for twenty minutes. That’s it. No heat rays. No nuclear fission. None of that messy and arduous atom splitting that so many recipes call for. You could literally train a monkey to make this it: that’s how easy it is. The simplicity of the recipe is hinted at by the name of the blog at which it can be found: Food. It’s an amazing site, really—you can find a recipe for just about anything that can be described accurately as “food.” Try spreading some of this creamy, delicious stuff on flavoured crackers, or deep fry some pita bread and use that. Tortillas wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Any dip delivery system you can find will go just fine with this recipe, so use your imagination.

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