Design 5 Log Home

If you love log homes than you are in for a treat! Check out Design 5 Log Home from this awesome log home design company. All of the homes they make are super magical and whimsical, looking like they just popped out from a fairy tale book or something. It really looks like how homes were built in Europe way back when and all they had to work with was logs and natural materials. We seem to be returning to this more simple way of life in present times. Realizing that we must work with the Earth rather than creating so many man made chemical based things to build and manufacture out of.

These log homes from The Little Log House Company are just simply amazing! They were totally made with a lot of imagination and creativity! The 5th house is really remarkable and quite large too! The amazing balcony on the 5th house has a spectacular wood design on the railing of the balcony, with the flower of life and filigree looks stunning, and you can tell that it was carved in very meticulously. Everything from how the roof is made out of some type of tightly bound straw or other fine natural material, and how the roof peaks are nice and rounded, it all just adds to that classic fairy tale cabin look.

Even the door is amazing and looks like it was hand crafted, with the iron hinges on it and the arched top of the door, on the back side of the house. The front side has a nice class door that would allow some natural light to come into the home. This house looks like a fairy tale mansion and I think anyone would love to live in it! For some more amazing inspiration to spark your imagination, head over to ''The Little Log House' by clicking the link in the description below for more!

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