Digging the Falling Leaves Tiny House in Texas. I Won't Say Anything Else and Let You Be the Judge

Introducing the Falling Leaves, a tiny house on wheels with 250 square feet of space inside. This tiny house design is also for sale through Tiny House Listings. The home is built on a heavy duty trailer that can handle all of the weight of a tiny house and the inhabitants within it. On the exterior of the home, there's pine shiplap siding that's been applied vertically and horizontally. It's tastefully painted in two different tones of grey and has some corrugated metal accents which makes it look very modern and industrial. They used galvanised metal for the roofing material which will be maintenance-free. Inside the tiny house design, you'll see the living room area, with seating, a media centre, and lots of storage space which is a must have in any tiny house design. There's storage in the bench couch, as well as in the corner of the living room, as well as in the stairs. The kitchen table can be used as a desk and as a dining table which is a great feature for the home.

Up the stairs, there is a sleeping loft with a queen size mattress and plenty of windows to provide a cross-breeze and ventilation in the small space. In the kitchen, you'll find everything needed. Including the beautiful butcherblock countertops and great cabinets, with extra storage implemented throughout. They also added in a metal backsplash which adds that industrial style once again. The design features a small mini refrigerator and a two-burner cooktop to save space. There's also space for a microwave and a convection oven as well. One of the coolest features is the chalkboard pocket door that leads into the bathroom. This would be a great place to write all of your shopping and to-do lists. In the bathroom, they've added in a composting toilet, a shower, cabinets and a sink with a tankless electric water heater to heat the water for efficient hot showers. The tiny house design is kept very modern and minimal to save space in the home, and so it's very bright and airy feeling. Neutral colours were used in the space for a fresh, natural feel.

This tiny house on wheels will cost $85,000 US to purchase and is located in Cedar Park, Texas and would be a great opportunity for anyone who wants to live in a tiny house on wheels. You could avoid all of the hassle of building your own tiny house and just move right into this one. The great thing is, even if you don't live in Texas, you can purchase this tiny house and tow it away to the location you want to park it at. Since this is a smaller 24 foot tiny house on wheels, it would be very easy to tow around and to take on the road as needed. Many people who choose to live in tiny houses on wheels do so because their jobs have them moving around a lot. Instead of having to look for a new apartment or house every time they move, they can just simply take their house on the road with them, so they always have home sweet home with them wherever they move. Other people park their tiny house on a piece of property to rent out to tourists or to use as a guest house for friends and family passing through. If you've been on the lookout for a completely built tiny house for sale, here's your chance to get into a super modern, beautiful tiny house design. Check out the photos and see what you think of this design.***

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