Do You Dream of Building a Log Home but Don't Know How to Go about It?

This simple Cashes Valley 2000 log home plan is a nice size at 864 square feet. With one floor of living space, it's the perfect log cabin build for a vacation log home or weekend getaway. The log cabin has two bedrooms and two full baths. When you are in the process of selecting a log cabin plan, you can change up the log home floor plan to make it work for your lifestyle and needs. The porches and decks that you see in some of the plans are often included in the base price of each log home floor plan. But the nice thing is that they can be sized or configured differently to accommodate you. Many factors can change the log home plan that you need from site topography, lifestyle and needs. You might need to change a stairway, or detail to accommodate exactly what you need.

When you choose the log home plans, the appliances are not included in base pricing. The photos you might see on the site usually are just shown so you can get a general idea of where they go. The cabinets and shelving are included in the pricing but may vary slightly from those illustrated. When you purchase a Sisson log home, or Sisson log package, the blueprints of the floor plans are available without charge. The Sisson Company has been around for a while. In 1958, the family of JoAnn and Joe Sisson were hoping to build eventually a small log cabin for to use for rest and relaxation. So they purchased a one-half acre piece of land near Shallowford Bridge in the mountains of Georgias Fannin County. Fast forward to 1968 and the family was living in Athens, Georgia, where Joe was taking graduate courses at the University of Georgia. He was becoming tired of the confinement of student housing and the sight of buildings in every direction when the family decided that it was time to build the log cabin in the mountains they had been dreaming of ten years before. Shortly after that, Joe, JoAnn, Joes brother Jim and JoAnns mother and stepfather were busy building their rustic log cabin mountain getaway.

Once their log cabin was completed, friends and family were soon joining them for visits to their new log cabin mountain home. It didn't take long for the guests to fall in love with the area and they began to ask Joe and JoAnn to help them search for their pieces of land. The Sissons found themselves spending a lot of their spare time assisting in the erection of log cabins on home sites they had helped to locate and purchase for friends.

Log Homes are a good green choice when it comes to the type of home that you are building. They can help on your heating and cooling bills because of the benefits of thermal mass. This can be explained as the mass of the wood timbers that absorb the heat in the log home once it is heated and then the logs hold the coolness once the home is cool. Logs are unlike fiberglass insulation, as the R-value of white pine wood increases with rising and lowering temperatures. Another benefit of log home and log cabin construction is that they greatly reduce the use of other products that may be toxic, such as drywall, and insulation. People with allergies and other health problems can have a much healthier quality of air quality in a natural material log home environment. Log homes and log cabins have been around for centuries, and they are still one of the best home building solutions available.

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