ESCAPE with a Portable Home

It is already a part of every ones routine to drive each day to work and the traffic is really heavy. Traffic is creeping along at a low crawl and you are surrounded by cars and concrete. Each day you face this coming and going from home. Your life is exciting, full and busy. Seems like you are always in a rush to get somewhere, meet someone and to get your list of tasks done. Your cell phone is constantly sending you signals for emails and phone calls. You try to relax your mind, and you imagine the smell of the fresh trees in the forest with a lake nearby.

Thoughts of maybe even catching that 'big one', or sitting peacefully just being in touch with nature. The idea of getting away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life start creeping in. You imagine retreating to your own private getaway. Picture this; Nestled in the woods and softly lit, is this portable home that sits aglow with ambient light. It is warm and inviting you in. You see yourself enjoying a covered enclosed deck that marries indoor and outdoor living into one. Large picture windows guarantee you will enjoy the view both day and night.

Kelly Davis is the designer for this Canoe Bay, ESCAPE portable home. Davis incorporated 21 years of design skill at Midwest resort Canoe Bay. The construction is done with cedar lap siding. The customizable cabin has a vaulted ceilings, giving you an airy feeling with natural ventilation. With an ample storage closets as well as hanging space extended throughout to keep the least living very easy! This charming park model can be set up within a day. This lovely little portable home can be used as a guest house, getaway home or even a small residence.

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