Fall is Here!

On a cool and crisp fall day there is nothing like choosing a comfy pair of jeans and soft sweater and wandering through the crisp fresh leaves full of magnificent colours. One of our favourite things in the fall and winter are log homes. They are cozy and inviting, often boasting a fire place and friendly kitchen for family gatherings. Are those not the best places to be in a house?

The gorgeous home in this picture was hand crafted by Estemerwalt Log Homes. They are an inspiring company that has been around for an impressive 130 years spanning 5 generations. Not many companies out there can boast this. They are a family run company and they are personable, friendly and always deliver precise and beautiful homes. So what makes Estemerwalt apart from other log home companies? Aside from a friendly service, a knowledgeable personnel and numerous product line; they have a full service sawmill. Therefore, every log, every timber, every piece of siding, every piece of groove and tongue that youll see was sawn, dried and manufactured right there.

This gorgeous fireplace in the photo is likely run on real logs and upon reviewing many websites on wood burning fireplaces, most people agree that it is an energy efficient source of fuel that burns clean and provides the home owner with hours of wood chopping fun. The best thing it to prep your wood pile before the snow falls, and if you know a log building site in the area, go ask them about their scraps. You might just find that you are able to scrounge up a truck load of long burning fir.

The link provided below will bring you to the builders website where you can get more log home inspiration. Continue reading to get some ideas and be inspired!

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