Family of Four Living In A Tiny House With All The Bells and Whistles

Tiny houses aren't just for couples and singles, in fact, a family can actually live quite comfortably in a tiny house on wheels believe it or not. This is "Hogan's Haven", a tiny house design built by JB Home Improvers in Minnesota. The home was created to fit a family of four in it and it has some pretty sweet items like built-in bunk beds, folding stairs, a folding couch and a folding table. The table comes down in front of the couch to create a dining table for meals and for doing crafts or homework. Inside the couch is lots of storage space which is even more important when you have kids around That way, when they're done with a craft, or playing with something, the toys can just get stowed away out of sight and out of the way, so they don't get stepped or tripped on. There's even additional fold out counter space to extend the kitchen which is great for preparing meals for a family of four. The kitchen in a family home is always busy, so it would be super important to make it larger for a family. They also have a full sized gas stove with an oven making it easy to prepare meals every day and an apartment sized fridge has plenty of space to store food.

In one of the bedrooms, there are the built-in bunk beds with rails that lock in place, so the kids don't roll out of bed, a good safety feature for little ones. To get up to the main sleeping loft where the parents sleep, the company designed a neat staircase that can also fold up. The stairs also function as storage for the kitchen, and each step is pulled out to a certain point to create the staircase. They have pins that drop into place as the stairs come out, so that they are locked into place for safety purposes. It's actually surprising how much storage is in this tiny house design, but that is one of the most important things with any tiny house design which is why you see so much of it in the designs. The multifunctional furniture is also a must in any tiny house on wheels as you may have noticed in the Hogan Haven. It's great to be able to fold the furniture up when it's not in use so you can have extra floor space to enjoy.

The designers put lots of windows in the home, which brings in some good light and makes it feel less cramped. The way they framing a tiny house is very similar to how a conventional house is framed, but they just have to add on the ability for the house to be able to take the 55 MPH wind as the house is towed on the road. Just like any other tiny house on wheels, the Hogan's Haven is built on a special trailer which means it's mobile and very sturdy because of the triple axle trailer with its strong steel framework. Usually, these trailers can hold up to 10,000 pounds. JB Home Improvers also uses traditional electrical and plumbing throughout the tiny house design, and they added in a composting toilet, so the house doesn't have to be on the grid. Most off-grid tiny houses use solar panels, but some use generators. For water, cisterns are useful to store water in, and they can be dug underground, so they don't freeze in the winter time. Enjoy this tour of Hogan's Haven and get inspired by all of the new tiny house designs coming out.***

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