How to Build a Super Low Cost Guest House

Alright, people! This La Maison Au Bord de Leau, a low-cost beach house would suit your perfect taste. *silence* Did I say it right? *silence* I know, its awkward. Am I the only one around here who pronounced the name incorrectly? Im here! Were part of the club too. Honey, youre never alone, *teary eyes* Lets hug, guys! I love you all. *silence* Ok, I guess Im calm now. So, anyway, lets not feel bad about the pronunciation. Well focus on this beautiful, low-cost beach house that will ace your summer experience. Come on! Lets take an inside tour, shall we? *winks*

Charlotte Perriand, a French architect, and designer is the one who conceptualize La Maison Au Bord de Leau in 1934 for an architectural competition. The challenge is to create a low-cost vacation home for everyone. Perriand is able to garner the second prize. Although the judges like her design, the working families to whom the house is intended didnt seem to admire the home. Eighty years later, the famous fashion house Louis Vuitton created a clothing line inspired by Charlotte Perriand. Her La Maison Au Bord de Leau is chosen. The house then is preassembled in Italy and shipped to Florida. It is uncovered in Miami Beach for the 2013 International design show.

So, well go inside this amazing house now. The house comprises of two wings on both sides with a big and open terrace in between. The wings and the terrace are separated only by sliding doors. Cool, isnt it? Anyway, the house consists of kitchen, living and dining areas, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. This home looks tiny on the outside, but when you look in the inside, its spacious. The two bedrooms are not that huge though, but it can accommodate four people. How? Under the cabinet, there is a pull over bed. Awesome! *winks* The house and the furniture itself is mostly made of wood.

Now I have an idea where to go this summer. Im going to stay there this summer too! Its alright. The house has two bedrooms; well have each one. Me too! Im staying there! Ive already booked a flight to Miami. Im staying there. *silence* Uhm, right guys. Theres enough room in the terrace. *winks*

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