Just Finished Tiny House on Wheels

Have you ever wondered how you could get the perfect tiny house for a truly tiny amount of money? This incredible, just finished tiny house on wheels showcases some of the best features of tiny houses on the market now and with a minuscule price tag to match. At over 150 square feet, this home comes with its own kitchen, office, bedroom, dining space and bathroom with full shower, making it not only livable but having just as many amenities as most full-sized houses. You can also have the freedom to live wherever you want, because your home is on wheels, and trade a huge mortgage debt for something that you own forever and that has everything you require to live comfortably. The pictures of this house are fantastic and reveal a cute charming home, and at an unbelievably low price to boot. Anyone would be lucky to have a house like that, it is a tiny dream-house.

Growing up I spent my summers for seven years at a summer camp where we lived in cabins that were like tiny rustic homes but without any of the conveniences or accessories, ours just had a roof, windows and a door but it felt cozy and charming nonetheless. Those summers are some of my fondest memories, it felt like a more simple and carefree existence. That is why now I love tiny homes like this one so much, because they offer that same charming feel but add all the conveniences that we are used to and make it a truly welcoming and spectacular home.

This home offers a great deal of extra benefits as well, like being able to live anywhere, even off-grid with ease. Many people are living off-grid now and are enjoying paying little to nothing to live out a more simple existence with a smaller carbon footprint as well. That is why being able to get the small amount of land you need extremely cheaply to put your house on makes living anywhere a breeze. Finally, should you need to travel for work or just for your own personal enjoyment, this beautiful tiny house on wheels could be hauled anywhere easily.

Now you can see this amazing tiny home for yourself with the full description and photos. Please click the link below to the Goods Home Design website now for the full information on this and more incredible tiny houses.

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