Life In A $10k Home In A Friend's Backyard

Each of us has our own reasons on why we would want to live a much simpler lifestyle. It is not just about the issue of finances, but itís really more about living in freedom. These are among the reasons of Dee Williams, as to why she shifted to living in a smaller house. Her story will certainly inspire and give you a brand new perspective in life and the best ways to make the most out of it.

You see, most people are trapped in the idea of getting a high paying job to live a good life in a big house. But the reality is that although they could get a job that pays well, they also just end up paying a plethora of bills that eventually just lead them to stress. This is not the life that Williams had in mind hence; she made a decision to live in a simple and smaller shelter. With this kind of lifestyle, she no longer has to be anxious about mortgages and a number of billing papers that comes to her doorway on a monthly basis. Her 84-sq-ft space has become more than just a house, but itís a home where she experiences serenity and a daily celebration of life.

There are many interesting facts that she shared such as the kind of power she runs her house with. She uses 240W of solar power and a small tank of propane to everything that needs power or electricity in her tiny home. She had built it just right in her friendís backyard, and we can tell that she has no regrets. She is lucky that she has a friend who was more than willing to embrace her microhome.

We want you to learn more about her amazing story, so go visit the site 'Treehugger' website below to be more inspired.

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