Lightweight Drop Box Modules Are Designed to Be Placed in Any Location

You will want to take a closer look at these amazing modular designs. The DROP box is part of the DROP microarchitecture collection, which is a modular hotel suite that is aimed at the tourism sector and is suitable to be installed on natural locations. The DROP collection is part of the large emerging trend in the field of modular home designs and microarchitecture. The DROP box is a modular hotel suite tiny house design, that is suitable for being placed in nature which offers its guests a sustainable and a comfortable room to stay in wherever it is dropped. The Drop box is designed to have little to no impact on the natural ecological environment. The modern modular designs are manufactured off-site and use lightweight building materials which make them easy to transport to the site location. The main building material in the modular designs is wood, which is a renewable building material that requires less energy to produce, to extract, manufacture and to transport when compared to other common building materials. This natural building material offers a solution for both environmentally conscious use and warm modern interior design. You will want to take a look for yourself at these modern tiny house designs and modular designs, that are sure to change the way people look at the architectural design.

These modular designs offer great flexibility in where the rooms can be. Imagine enjoying your coffee in the middle of the forest, or hanging out on top of a cliff. These modern modular designs are especially suitable for anyone who has a love for nature but doesnt want to cause a negative impact on the environment. There are two sizes of the rooms to fit two adults or a family of four. The modular design holds one or two good-sized bedrooms, a three piece bathroom with panoramic shower, as well as an outdoor terrace. The modular space is covered by large windows that help to remove the barriers of indoor and outdoor and help to immerse its occupants into the natural world outside.

The DROP eco-hotel modular design together with DROP XL are removable modular hotel prefab rooms that draw inspiration from organic shapes that are found in nature. The DROP prefab designs are removable modular hotel suites. The Drop is a concept that fits somewhere between a caravan and a permanent room in a traditional building. The idea is that these units can be placed in a beautiful spot, but then easily removed without any ecological damage as a consequence of it having been there. The modular design draws inspiration from organic shapes found in nature. The use of lightweight materials allows the modules to be installed on a great variety of terrains and to be transported to remote natural locations: remote forests, beaches, mountains, jungles. DROP modular designs are built in a factory and then transported to their final site location. For the modern nomad, these eco-friendly modular designs are sustainable and comfortable and perfectly integrated into their natural surroundings. DROP is especially suitable for anyone who has an inherent yearning for nature but doesnt want to cause a negative impact on the environment.

You will find this modular design on the In Tenta site. In Tenta is a Barcelona-based creative studio that was founded in 2012. The studio has developed new Ideas and Products together with brands that invest in tiny house design and modular design as a tool for innovation, creating a wide range of products. Some of the modular designs they have created include small accessories to microarchitectures. Functionality, sustainability and innovation are important aspects of their work. **

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