Montana Luxury Stock Farm Log Cabin

The very best log house plans are carefully planned and laid. This is especially true when wood cabins are designed to be expansive and to accommodate the needs of a very broad range of individuals. One custom-built log cabin in Montana features an impressive 3,572 square feet of living space with four, ample-sized bedrooms and 4.5 baths. This log house provides all of the benefits of wood construction, including access to a naturally self-insulating abode that allows for moderate heating and cooling costs, a warm, homey feel, and a truly relaxing, interior environment. Best of all, this log house is also part of an expansive and incredibly prestigious community. Thus, not only can log house residents enjoy their own private sanctuary, but they can also find plenty of things to do both outside in nature and at the local, members-only clubhouse. Those who own wood cabins in this area are always within easy walking distance of the clubhouse, which spans a mind-boggling 27,000-square-feet. Called Stock Farm, this amazing community boasts breathtaking views of the mountains, access to the Tom Fazio golf course, and a comprehensive equestrian facility that sits on 16 acres. All total, this log house and the neighborhood surrounding it are nothing short of a dream come true for those who are currently in the market for luxurious and large-sized log house design plans.

Many people are interested in log house design due to its rustic and timeless feel. This log house has wood walls all throughout. It also has two, custom-made, stone fireplaces to provide additional warmth during the colder months of winter. Despite its wood walls, however, this log house is anything but dark and depressing. Like many other wood cabins in its class, this one has lots of windows and plenty of all-glass sliding doors to let the natural light flow in. Decorative chandeliers help brighten the space up a bit as do the light-colored appliances and counter tops in the kitchen area. Character is added to this log house design via the addition of navy blue cabinets in the kitchen, which provide a considerable amount of storage space. Those residing in this log house can easily stock their pantries so that there's no need to go out into the cold once the inclement, winter weather rolls in. Located in Hamilton, Montana, this log house is the perfect respite for busy professionals who want to get away with their families on the weekend as well as for large-sized households that are looking for more traditional dwellings. Wood cabins provide comfortable, enduring abodes that families can appreciate for many generations.

Among some of the many benefits of living in a log house like this one is the ability to enjoy a consistently high indoor air quality. Situated in a prestigious area and away from freeways and traffic, this log house has ample greenery surrounding it. Due to the community feel of the neighborhood and the members-only clubhouse, this log house design is also sufficiently flexible for accommodating a very broad range of preferences, lifestyles and needs. Those who want to live quietly and interact with nature will have plenty of opportunities to do so. Social households can get out and engage in activities with neighbors and friends. Best of all, residents will love that there are enough bathrooms for everyone in the home to have their own. This is not typical with smaller wood cabins. Wood cabins that are classified as a high-end properties often boast a dazzling range of features. This log house, however, is all about understated elegance and giving people a home that they can feel truly comfortable in.

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