Mountain Log Home Offers Amazing Experience

Have you ever wanted to stay in a log home? Are you looking for a good place to stay during vacation? Experience this home away from home where you can feel and breathe fresh air from Tennessee. Pack your bag and bring your family or special someone to get out from stressful environment of the city. With this amazing home that is located at the top mountains near Rock Island State Park, Tennessee, you will surely be stunned of its surroundings.

This amazing log home will give you comfort and luxury you need. It is perfect for group outings or with your whole family as it can accommodate ten people. Everyone will love staying at this place as it will give you an experience like you never had before. Wildlife is available in this 3.5 acres where you can feed deer or watch many kinds of birds. Your children can play around, run freely and roll over the grass without worries. You can set up at a table outside for the whole group to eat and unwind. Also, there is a koi pond with dock seating, a good place to relax and watch the sunset.

The house has complete amenities that gives you luxurious living. From living area to your kitchen, you can have whatever you need even up to the bedrooms and toilets. Each room will not fail you for your daily needs.

If you feel lazy going and don't want to venture outdoors and just want to stay inside your room, internet connection will keep you in touch with the outside world. There is also an amazing games room to gather and enjoy. Youll feel warm during winter season with its wood burning fireplace. When summertime comes, no need to worry about cooling off as it has complete air conditioning.

Your getaway experience will surely be unforgettable. This amazing log home will give you wildlife experience. Visit the Rock Island State Park which has a boat ramp, natural sand beach and popular fishing area named Blue Hole. If you want to experience adventure, you can try kayaking below the Great Falls Dam and show your whitewater kayaking skills.

There are so many things you can do while staying in this amazing mountain log home. Feel the tranquility of the mother earth offers you in this mountain top log home with complete amenities unlike other rental cabins in the area. A good choice to be made!

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