Paradise Valley Ranch

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When it comes to log homes, there are many different designs, styles and plans to go with to achieve the look you are going for, from rustic, modern to contemporary. This "Paradise Valley Ranch," is a rustic log cabin look both inside and out.

This tiny log cabin achieves a beautiful look on both the inside and outside of the log cabin. The front covered porch with a lit tree, and rocking chair draws you in right from the start. Inside the wood floors, wooden kitchen cupboards, and hutch lend to the appeal. The wooden bunkbeds and exposed log beams add more character to the interior design overflowing with charm. The bathroom is perfect with a concrete stand up shower, adding to the natural look of this appealing log cabin.

These log home and log cabin builders our a Montana based contractor that specialized in custom rustic and old world homes, often using reclaimed materials. The company is made up of people with over 50 years experience in the trade. Just a look at their site shows a company dedicated to building quality and visually appealing log home designs, made possible by keeping the company small and with the owners being actively involved with each project, thus ensuring the highest level of quality, value and service from start to finish. When it comes to building a log home, or log cabin it helps to know what sort of look and design you are going for, as there are many different styles and plans of log homes, and you want your log home to reflect both your personality and needs. A company like the one on this site, is perfect for people who want a rustic style of log home, this ensures they will get exactly what they are looking for.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "North Fork Builders," website.

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