Parmesan Crusted Potatoes

I don't know about any of you, but my two most favourite food in the world are cheese and potatoes. Now imagine my delight at finding recipes that combine the two as primary ingredients. One particular recipe I found is Parmesan Crusted Chantilly Potatoes. I imagine this side dish being served at quaint family garden get-togethers or even dinners for special occasions. Owning to it's name, this luscious French side dish is a welcome and exquisite change to your conventional fried, roasted, mashed or baked potato side dishes.

This recipe is quite easy and uncomplicated, so it won't be much of a fuss making it. Although, it might require a bit more time since to get the perfect fluff for the potatoes, cooling time is needed. Aside from the primary ingredients which are Potatoes, Parmesan Cheese and Chantilly whipped cream, you can actually modify or refine the recipe fitting to your taste or liking. As for the preparation process, you may also alter it to your liking. For example, choosing not to peel the potatoes for an even fuller taste to it. Even the kitchen tools for this recipe are pretty straightforward. With less than ten ingredients and even fewer kitchen utensils required to make it, you might be pleasantly surprised at how such a seemingly simple dish can delight the taste buds and be the sought after side to all future meals.

This dish is the perfect complement to any meal. The taste doesn't overshadow the main dish since the flavours pretty much balance whatever protein you might be serving. Although not too heavy on the stomach, this side dish is quite indulgent. Much like its namesake city in France, Parmesan Crusted Chantilly Potatoes is a very plush, refined and aristocratic side dish.

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