Perfect Living in Sylvan Lake Cabin

Log houses date back in time and the houses built in the past accompanied a pioneers lifestyle. When you think of a log house, many envision a rustic dwelling built from natural materials. This house that Matt and Jeff Balmer built is a far cry from the rustic cabins of old

Log houses we have seen in old movies are mostly used as hunting cabins or quaint summer cottages. Those pioneer log homes were common in the western regions of Europe.

The log homes of today allow you to leave city life and create a lifestyle somewhere in a mountainous or woody areas but the difference is that you will still live an elegant lifestyle, surrounded by the warmth of the logs that make up the structure.

This modernized log house designed by these two architects will definitely steal your attention. Every corner of the house and its furniture are made with natural materials and high-quality logs.

Architects, Matt, and Jeff Balmer have been customizing log furniture, and building and designing beautiful houses for many years. Their designs will impress you when you. The log home shown in the photo welcomes you into its spacious but cozy living room, inviting you to explore further in the home. The entire home including the areas upstairs all are featuring elegant design and carefully crafted workmanship.

The luxury home offers old fashioned rustic combined with all the contemporary modern amenities. View outdoor life from its big windows and feel close to nature while you are relaxing.

This beautiful log house is located in Sylvan Lake, a beautiful City in Michigan. You will not only be impressed with the amenities in this beautiful house, but you will also fall in love with their community.

For those living in this area, they can enjoy many outdoor activities, from Sylvan Lake fishing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking, horseback riding to horseback riding.

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