Romantic Tiny House Built by Couple for $4000

You cannot open a social media application these days without seeing a sweet little picture of a tiny home being built by a young awesome looking couple. This is exactly the case as for Dave Herrle from Westbrook Connecticut. He built a house in the woods for him and his wife in order to save on costs and live a smaller ecological foot print. It is amazing how much we think we need to be happy, when so many people find that they derive true happiness from being close to nature with less distractions. Isn't it a very romantic gesture living in a place like that? Well, you better plan out yours too!

The cabin took 6 weeks to build and is now standing tall surrounded by gorgeous greenery. The cabin size was 11 x 14 ft, and it included a loft to sleep in, a porch, a compostable toilet and a kerosene heater. Dave salvaged material and got very creative, and in the end this dream home was built for under 4000 dollars. Yes, you read it right! It is built under $4000. Dave says that he had a harder time than most people adapting to the 'normal' way of society and could not find inner peace from a desk job. In 2007 he had one of the incredible 'aha' moments hiking the Appalachian trial when he realized that a life in the woods would give him the job that he was looking for.

What about you, dear reader? Is there any one that you would know who has done something similar? Are you yourself thinking of downsizing? What are your reasons? What is your motivation? Are you getting tired of the hustle and bustle of daily city life? If most of your answer is yes, then this could be a stepping stone for you to think about building your own romantic tree house.

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