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Living in a house smaller than people's garage may not be for everyone's realistic perspective of a dream home. Have you ever pictured out a tiny house? A numerous number of tiny houses are popping around nowadays. What do you do when you want to live tiny, but also enjoy hosting friends for social gatherings and parties? Well, you adapt, and get creative, which is exactly what John and Shelley did. You may have seen them on a recent episode of Tiny House Nation, but in case you missed it, we wanted to share their amazing build with you because it represents one of the most usable tiny spaces we've come across.

Josh had a garage filled with tools for welding and fabrication which he uses for his business, and to work on his off-road truck. He also has a strong interest in mixology, and a well stocked bar, so they had to figure out some creative storage solutions and ways to make room for everything. As you’ll see below, they were able to do a lot more than they first imagined with such a tiny space, making this one our favourite builds in recent memory.

Why do people prefer living in a tiny house? According to Andrew Morrison, “We used to live in what we thought was the perfect house. Then one day we started questioning what this ‘perfect’ house was costing us. We quickly saw that we were spending way too much money, and more importantly, too much time paying for a house that we didn't need”. Therefore, tiny house with its innovative designs; homeowner nowadays discover that living in a tiny house leads to a simpler yet more fuller life, close to their families, friends, colleagues, and freeing them from paying mortgages. Read more tiny house ideas at Tiny House Basics. Enjoy!

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