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There is nothing quite like a log house construction, with the fresh smell of wood, natural building materials and craftsmanship, it is not surprising that this is the top choice of homes for many. And when it comes to building a log house design you want builders who know what they are doing, using quality building materials and with experienced craftsmanship and design. Cancedar Log homes in British Columbia build 95 percent of their log house constructions with western red cedar, the top choice when it comes to log house designs. From the Pacific west coast of British Columbia Canada, these wood cabins are worth looking at. You will want to take a look at their site to see some of the beautiful log house designs they have built.

If you are looking for your dream log house design, you know how important quality building materials and craftsmanship can be. Cancedar Log Homes build your log house construction according to your specific lifestyle and ideas. Their log houses have been shipped to many parts of the world to include Canada and the United States. Not only are they log house builders, but they look at your log house build as something that completes your property. Most of their wood cabins and log house designs are built with western red cedar from the Pacific west coast of British Columbia.

Western Red Cedar is the top choice in log house construction for many reasons from aesthetics to durability and more. Western Red Cedar also leaves behind a very small environmental footprint. With Western Red Cedar, both homeowners and business owners alike get the assurance that they are using an environment-friendly product in their log house project. The production of this wood for building log houses and wood cabins generates fewer greenhouse gases, and minimal water and air pollution, and requires less energy all around than other commonly used building materials such as composite timber. Using Western Red Cedar for both your panelling or cladding is an eco-friendly way to add beauty to your home. Western Red Cedar is a needled evergreen cone-bearing softwood, and a cedar that flourishes in the Pacific Northwest, and to a lesser degree in the Northeast, but it is also native to the Western Himalayan mountains and the Mediterranean regions. Cedar grows prolifically in extremely damp climates, conditions that help to enhance the wood with weather-resistance. As a low-maintenance wood, cedar is highly appropriate as an exterior building material when factors such as temperature, humidity and cracking are common problems. Western Red Cedar is the most widely-available cedar found in the United States, mainly because the tree grows prolifically along the West Coast.

White cedar, which has a more limited growth range, is more difficult to find. It can be difficult to locate a source for some particular brands if you do not live in the regions in which it is harvested. Cedar wood also doesn't shrink, swell or warp to the extent of other comparable timber, even when it is under severe weather changes in humidity or temperature. This high quality of cedar alone makes it a favored choice for your exterior siding, even though it dents easily. You will find this log house construction on the Cancedar Log Homes site. They take great pride in creating the highest quality, of handcrafted log house construction. Cancedar log homes are located in Chilliwack, British Columbia in the beautiful Fraser Valley. They are located about 60 miles east of Vancouver in British Columbia. You can see them from the Trans-Canada Highway. They now have two yards in operation, in Chilliwack and in Abbotsford. **

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