Special Gifts That a Log Home Dad, Husband or Brother Is Sure to Enjoy

When it comes to buying gifts for the men in your lives, you might not always know just what to get. This list of special gifts to enjoy in your log home might give a bit of insight to people who enjoy log home living. You've been trying to figure out what to buy for someone important, maybe your dad, brother or husband who can at times be the most difficult people to shop for. They enjoy activities like fishing, gardening, hunting, and mechanic type hobbies, but you're still having trouble knowing what sort of gift they might like.

You remember your dad has a collection of antique rifles that are sitting in the back of a storage closet in your parent’s house. So with your mother’s permission, you might consider polishing those antiques back to life and going over to your local hardware store for some mounting tools. Then install the mount when your dad is at work, or out running errands and after he goes to sleep before you want to surprise him, quietly place the newly polished guns on their new mount. Don't forget to put a hand written card on the mantle below te guns as well. Your dad/brother/husband will be blown away and love that he can admire his prized collection that he’s always wanted to show off but never gotten around to doing himself.

A good gift idea that you probably have never considered is organizing his man cave. Some people don't like that phrase, but you know the place the garage, barn, shed or just the guys space in the house. Whatever you call it, it's the place that your dad/husband puts away his cars, tools, and heavy machinery and it's probably one of his favorite places to hang out. Just before you want to give him something special (when he's not around), clean and organize his space, or buy him something new to put in his space. You can try a custom log home garage addition to help him better organize his stuff. You could also setup racks or shelving for your his tools or organize his gardening machinery in a way that will make it easier for him to move tools and machinery in and out.

Another great idea but is to set up an outdoorsy space that is suitable to roast marshmallows, tell stories or sit next to the campfire. All it takes is digging a pit to put the logs in and put some chairs or benches in a circle around the fire pit. You could also purchase a fire pit from your local Home Depot that sits on top of the ground. After dinner when you are planning to give him his gift, lead him to the fire pit spot and ask him to light the match. Then have your Hershey’s chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers ready for roasting. It will depend on what time of year it is, whether you can accomplish this gift or not. You might even try a chiminea on the patio if it's in the colder months.You know that awesome log cabin that has been in your family for years? You might try taking your dad/husband there for a special fishing trip weekend. All you have to do is pack the rods, bait and tackle and head down to one of his favorite spots. Even if you don’t fish, spending some quality time needs to be the only objective.

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