The Best Way To Remove Permanent Marker from Everything

There are so many cool hacks out there these days; it's almost hard to keep up with them all. So it's a good thing we have the internet so we can at least find them all in one place. Simple life hacks and cleaning tips like this one are great to have up your sleeve especially when you run into problematic situations like getting permanent marker on surfaces. Hacks have always existed in one way or another, but only recently have they been called hacks. In the past, they were more likely to be called household tips and tricks or home remedies. Hack actually has many different meanings in the English language, for example, it can mean to chop something up into small pieces or to break into a computer, it can even refer to a person who is substandard at a job or a skill. A hack can also be a distinct type of a cough that makes a loud sound. And, of course, it refers to a trick or a shortcut in doing something. A way of doing something more productively and efficiently. Of course, we all want to save time and energy when we're doing things, so it's natural to want to use some of these simple life hacks to help us out.

It doesn't make us lazy, but actually pretty smart to want to do things the more efficient way. While hacks used to be passed from person to person through word of mouth or through books and still are, now, there are more convenient ways for these simple life hacks to reach us. YouTube is a great source for cleaning tips and hacks like this one from New Pew's YouTube channel. There are many other hacker YouTube channels like Household Hacker and the Crazy Russian Hacker. The videos are great because you can actually see these simple life hacks in action and observe how they're done so you can try them out yourself. In this particular hack video, New Pew teaches us how to get permanent marker off of any hard surface. So whether you've accidentally marked up a wooden table or your floors, or maybe your kids went a little crazy with the permanent markers, this hack will work amazingly well and it's super simple too. You only need one thing for this simple life hack, and that is Axe Body spray. You can get this stuff at any drug store or, maybe you or someone in your household already has some.

It doesn't matter what scent or type of Axe Body spray you use, just as long as it's spray. All you do is take your body spray and spray it directly on the marker stain. Leave it for a few seconds and then wipe it clean with a rag or a cloth you don't mind getting messy. You might have to scrub a bit to get the entire mark off, and it might depend on the type of marker it is, but as the video shows, it will usually come off pretty easily. You can also try using some WD-40 to remove marker from surfaces too. This is something that you might be more likely to have on hand for fixing your creeky doors and such. Just do the same as you'd do with the Axe body spray, and spray a small amount on the marker stain and then just scrub it out with a cloth. Simple as that. You can wash the residue off with a cloth and some cleaner, and your surface or floor should look as good as new. Try it out and see how it works in your home.***

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