The Small Log Cabin... Simply Serene!

The small log cabin....simply serene, is tucked into the vibrant green hillside, surrounded by enchanting forest and overlooks the lake. Located on Whitefish Lake in Montana, this small log cabin is a lovely retreat. With a massive stone fireplace, covered front porch and natural wood finishing the rustic cabin is fantastically located in the center of a thriving recreational area. Rarely windy, Whitefish Lake is perfect for water skiing enthusiasts, boaters, swimmers and fishing. You can also enjoy winter pursuits on the nearby ski hill. Purchased from France in 1803, Montana is a state rich in exciting history, natural resources and agriculture. It is abundant in hunting, fishing, skiing and dude ranching and the small log cabin with it's simple serenity, is the perfect place to enjoy all that Montana has to offer. This fantastic log cabin can be found on 'Standout Cabin Designs'.

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