The Thai Way to Combine Tiny and Tropical

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This beautiful "Tropical Tiny Cabin" is located at the Ting Rai Bay Resort in Koh Jum, Thailand. The tiny bungalows are furnished with big, comfortable beds. Each log cabin bungalow is equipped with a private toilet and shower with hot water. All the rooms in the tiny bungalows have fans. Each room has a view of the ocean which you can enjoy from your attached porch or verandah. The Ting Rai Resort offers a variety of Deluxe Bungalows which are spacious and comfortable for couples. The Upper Standard Bungalows are especially affordable for backpackers.

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There is just something about staying in a log cabin or log home that appeals to us. Perhaps it's the fact that as a child you stayed in a log cabin on family vacations and holidays, or as an adult you rented one to enjoy some time away. Whatever the reason log homes and log cabins have been around a long time, as both a durable and comfortable design of home. Log homes are comfortable and make us feel at home, there is just something warm about them. It's no surprise that log homes and log cabins continue to be the thing that dreams are made of. They are just as popular now as they were years ago, and are sure to continue being a top choice when it comes to home plans. You will find log homes that are rustic and cozy, and you will also find log homes that are contemporary and modern, some log homes have a mixture of both rustic and modern. Whatever the type of log home you desire or have stayed in, it was sure to be unique and appealing. Log homes and log cabins are often located in natural areas from mountainsides, oceanside, forest locations and country setting where they look best due to the natural materials used in building them.

Have you ever stayed in a log cabin before? That log cabin you stayed in by the beach, could be considered a tiny home. Typically these tiny house vacations have everything you need conveniently packed away into a tiny space, with an area/bedroom for sleeping, a tiny kitchen area for cooking, a bathroom, sometimes laundry, and living area. It goes to show that you don't need a lot of space to get by and enjoy yourself, as long as you have the essentials you can have a stay that's memorable.

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