This Spectacular Barn Home Is Shockingly Affordable

This stunning 47x72 Great Plains Western Horse Barn feels like something right out of a movie! The horse barn features 12 and 15-foot open lean-tos, horse stalls, downstairs open living/dining/kitchen area, and an upstairs loft for sleeping. This barn home is located in Texas. There are plenty of country details in this beautiful horse barn build. This barn has everything you need under one roof. With stalls for the horses, an apartment, and a large sleeping loft with eight double beds! It's probably safe to say that there is lots of room for guests in this barn home. The upstairs loft is stunning with its cathedral ceiling and exposed beams, a feature that we love about barn homes. The country decor and accessories that you will find throughout this barn home also lend to the overall appeal and charm of the place. From the country quilts on the beds, wall hangings, lighting fixtures, and pillows. The back covered porch is a nice place to sit on sunny days to get a bit of shade. This beautiful barn kit was built by Sand Creek Post and Beam, who are keeping the tradition of barn building alive across the country.

The Sand Creek Post and Beam wood barn kits that you will see feature the strength and beauty of post and beam timber frame construction. Their custom designed barn kits can be used for all sorts of things from horse barns, equipment and toy storage, detached garages, party barns, loft living, event centers, and wedding facilities. Their barn kits are both rustic and elegant; their barns are pre-manufactured, shipped as a kit, and built to last generations.

The Sand Creek Post and Beam Company is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of custom designed wood barn and barn home kits in the country. The company is a family owned barn kit business that is located in Wayne, Nebraska. The Sand Creek Post and Beam Company have helped build over 1,000 customers realize their barn home and barn dreams all over the country, including Canada. There are all sorts of barn styles to choose from to include event barns, wood barns, barn homes, pavilions, barn Kings, windmills, and accessories. You are sure to fall in love with the attention to detail some of these barn builds have, this is a company that is doing an excellent job at keeping the tradition of barn home and barns alive with their custom barn designs. Their quality designed barn kits have been used as lake houses, full-time residences, cabins, secondary homes, loft apartments, and combination use barn and home.

When it comes to building a barn, there are all sorts of details that you might want to add. Some of the barns feature you will hear about include Monitor barns. These are also known as raised center aisle or RCA barns. These barns feature a raised center section that has its gabled roof. The sides of the raised center aisle are often filled with windows to improve the ventilation of the barn structure and increase the amount of natural light inside. Gambrel barns feature two different roof pitches, one that is steep and another that is shallow. Dutch doors are another popular barn feature. These doors are divided horizontally, allowing the top half to be opened while the bottom half remains closed. These are a common to horse stalls; they allow light and ventilation into a room while keeping the animals inside.

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