Ultimate Luxury and Elegance in This 572 Square Feet Tiny Home

Small house living has never been this comfortable. SLEDhaus offers a tiny house design that boasts 572 square feet of living space, when typically, tiny houses are only about 300 square feet. The SLEDhaus offers people a recreational cabin or home that is stylish and efficient, with all of the comforts of a conventional house. Instead of getting a mobile home or an RV, you could have a small house that suits all of your needs. Made for people that want a little bit more luxury than a rustic cabin experience, the designers and builders over at SLEDhaus came up with their brilliant design that can sleep up to 7 people comfortably. This tiny house design is modern and elegant with high-end finishes and features. They are also built to IRC code, and they can be financed to make paying for it easier. They also build permanent residences so you can experience small house living year round, as well as off-grid capabilities which would make the home even more affordable and sustainable. This would be an awesome first home for a family who's just starting out, or even a great house to downsize into after retirement.

The home features 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, with a loft area as well. The loft could be used as a sleeping loft or as a storage loft depending on the home's use. The tiny house design is built on a foundation instead of on a trailer on wheels, so it's perfect for that piece of land that needs a building on it. The living space is quite large and open so that everyone can enjoy spending time together in the house. The main area features a living room, a kitchen and a dining area with a space to add in a fireplace if the client likes. Then down a short hallway is the bathroom leading to the main bedroom which is large enough to fit a queen sized bed with room to move around it. There are a ton of floor to ceiling windows throughout the tiny house design which really helps to brighten up the space and open it up even more. The house is 45 feet long, 14.6 feet wide and the ceilings are 8 feet at their greatest height. They also feature a nice porch off the front of the house which extends the living space to the outdoors, and there is an optional deck on the back of the house as well.

The tiny house design is larger than any tiny house on wheels because it's set on a foundation instead of a trailer. To fit road regulations, a tiny house on wheels must be within the highway measurements which are 8.5 feet wide, by 13.5 feet tall and up to 30 feet long. If a tiny house is within these parameters, it can be towed down the highway without a permit or special license. When the house is above these limits and is on a trailer, it requires a towing permit as well as a special license to tow or pilot vehicles as well. That's why tiny houses on wheels can only be around 300 square feet maximum which is much less than the tiny house design you see here. The extra 200 square feet in the home would make small house living or vacationing a little more comfortable, especially for families with children. Have a look at the plans for the SLEDhaus, and you can even have a video tour of it through a news report done on it. Which would you prefer, a tiny house on wheels, or a tiny house built on a foundation?***

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