Ultimate Privacy ! The Denver Log Home Package for $72,596.

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Have you ever thought about living remotely? Or what about finding yourself a rustic log cabin-style home? Well there are ways to make your dreams a reality and for a great price! It's almost unbelievable. But first…what is it that you're exactly looking for?

It's that time of year again. School’s almost out, which means that I need to kick into gear and start planning our family’s Summer calendar. With the kids now too old to go to camp but too young to let them go off and do their own thing, it really takes a lot more work to try to find something that everyone will enjoy. My dear husband is also groaning about not having a jam packed Summer of events and parties like last year – its been a really busy quarter for him and I suspect he wanted to just sit back, relax, unwind, and quite honestly, keep to himself. I’ll let him to just that…

Last year was our first year renting out a cottage – normally we go up to Nanna’s place, but with other family members coming and going – again, it always is a bit hectic – so renting was what we did. And it was wonderful. We rented a few cottages down from Nanna’s place which worked out great – on the lake, close to family, it was just familiar stomping ground. This year I think I’d like to do something different.

I’ve always wanted to go away and just recluse somewhere. But recluse with my family, maybe even drag along a few friends or the kids friends…have an experience that is a little different than what we are all used to. Being a stay home Mom means that I do have some time here and there during the day to troll around the internet and I happened to spot this incredible log home in Denver…now it was a site that talked about building this type of beautiful getaway home but it made me think that maybe this is the route we should go. Rather than lakeside this year, try something more forest-bound or up in the mountains.

You can't beat being surrounded by nature and with enough rooms and the right books, activities, and of course wifi…I think something like this would be absolutely perfect for us – I’m trying to find a place now that’ll take 6 for 1 month.

Its amazing what’s out there and I do encourage you to go on and find something new and interesting for your Summer planning. Or…if you’re toying with the idea of retiring somewhere remote, beautiful and scenic, you definitely need to check out this site – it’ll with no doubt give you some ideas…it sure did that for me. This article will take you through blueprints, components, what's necessary, what's not…its the real deal package..and so I highly recommend that you go on and have a look!!

Go on, dream, fantasy, and who knows…they might just come true. Happy vacationing or home-building…

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