What Does The Size Of Your Pinkie Finger Say About Your Personality?

We use our hands each and every day, but do we ever take the time to look at them and actually see their unique lines and shape? You can actually learn a lot about yourself just by examining your palms. This is known as Palmistry and has been done for a very long time. Palmistry is an ancient practice used by fortune tellers, to tell a lot about a person just from the lines on their hands. They'll usually use Palmistry to tell you something about your future, or to help you with a present issue you're facing. Some people may feel a bit shy to go to have their palm read by someone else, but the great news is, you don't have to go to a palm reader to have your palm read. You can study your own palm to learn more about yourself and to connect with yourself to gain clarity on your life. There are websites that will teach you how to read your own palm by learning the meanings of the lines depending on thickness, depth, and length.

You can also do fun new tests like this one featured on Shared. These simple tests have become one of the trends of the time, along with all of the other quizzes and tests you can take online which are all for fun. This test has you examine the length of your pinky finger. In palmistry, your pinky finger can show different personality types depending on the length of it. So to determine which type you are, just hold your hand out flat, with your fingers together. Now, look at the length of your pinky finger in relation to your ring finger. If the tip of your pinky finger reaches the top line on the palm side of your ring finger, you would be Type A. If it's further below the last line on the ring finger then you would be Type B, and if your pinky finger extends beyond the last line of your ring finger then you are Type C. So find out what type you are by doing the test and then you can read up on the lists of qualities and see if it matches up for you.

Type A people tend to be very guarded and aren't very open with their emotions. If you are a Type A person, you may have a very strong exterior, but when you feel comfortable around someone, you let your guard down. You also don't trust people too easily, and you don't like dishonesty. You are a very caring and loving person and love to help others however you can. You may also be somewhat eccentric, but you're also a hard worker and will finish anything you start.

Type B people are a bit more shy and quiet than Type A people. If you're a Type B, you are a loyal person, and when you're in a romantic relationship, you like to give that person your full attention. You tend to be a very sensitive soul, and you may be afraid of being hurt by others and are easily hurt as well. You are also very peaceful and calm even in chaos.

Type C people are pretty strong-minded people; they don't typically enjoy surprises and like routine. You may let your anger get the best of you at times, but you're always quick to apologise if you get out of line. When you have a problem, you will most often keep it to yourself instead of reaching out to others. You like people who tell it how it is instead of sugar coating things.

So how accurate were your results? Try this test out with your friends too and compare results.***

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